Redi Tlhabi on her next chapter

- Article by Destiny Reporter (November 21, 2017)

Redi Tlhabi

Tlhabi had been summoned to a Talk Radio 702 staff meeting by then Station Manager Pheladi Gwangwa, as she was notorious for missing them.

“Ninety percent of what was said in meetings could really have been communicated in emails,” she says, “and Pheladi knew I never attended them, so she had to call me the night before and spoil the surprise of the Long Service Award I’d be receiving the next day.”

Once Tlhabi was standing on a small podium, about to make a little “thank you” speech, emotional cogs started turning.

“I thought: ‘Wow – 10 flipping years here! I’m 37. Where do I go next?’ That was two years ago and it was around that time that I began getting a lot more international work, moderating dialogues for organisations like the United Nations [UN]. I was thriving and pretty satisfied with where I was, but I also had acute bullshit filters. I knew the difference between a high and an average. So I decided it was time to kick open some doors overseas and upgrade my skills,” she says.

She’s been accepted to do a two-year, fully-paid Fellowship in Economics and Business Journalism at Columbia University in New York.

- Article by Destiny Reporter (November 21, 2017)